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Team Milestone Report

These were the goals for the milestones I completed along with my team in my BUS4 110B class:

  • Enhance operational efficiency through the modernization of computing
  • Streamline processes to support business practices across all sites.
  • Improve employee satisfaction and productivity by implementing
    user-friendly systems.
  • Establish a centralized system for employee information management to
    ensure accuracy and timeliness.

I learned that having a good team and being able to trust team members’ strengths can go a long way and may help reach potential. Working solo can feel the same sometimes while collaborating with other people that share a common goal can overall be a fun and engaging way to get a project done. The whole milestone was also done fully remote. This was my first time working on a 5 month long project that was fully remote. I would have to say that it surprised me that it would be possible to make a whole milestone project happen remotely.

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